The Founders Golf Club, The Place to Play

This summer, the Nickel Communications team spent a lot of time at the club. No, we weren’t sipping mint juleps and lounging on the verandah (although that does sound like the perfect summer!), we were shooting a brand anthem video for The Founders Club (TFC), one of Sarasota’s most gracious and esteemed country clubs.

Over several weeks, the Nickel team shot footage of everything that makes The Founders Club the most exquisite country club in Sarasota, from the golf course to dinner at the club house, the tennis court to the yoga studio.

Often times, promotional videos for country clubs usually take a traditional route, using paid actors and models to play the club’s members. Nickel wanted to showcase a more authentic vision and feature only real members of The Founders Club, giving viewers a honest sense of what a day in the life is for TFC members.

The final product, a two-minute video, showcases the beauty and camaraderie of The Founders Club and encourages potential members to come out and see what makes The Founders Club so special. Take a moment and immerse yourself in The Founder’s Club experience below. 

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