Girls Inc. — Behind the Scenes of ‘I Am More’

This past September, the Nickel Communications team took a dive into stop motion for the launch of the ‘I Am More’ campaign for Girls Inc. of Sarasota County. Instead of blowing stuff up for an action packed girl-power spot, the commercial blossomed from a song our very own Lindsey Nickel-de la O, creative director and partner at Nickel, wrote and recorded, titled “I Am More”. The song can be downloaded on iTunes, with all proceeds benefiting Girls Inc. of Sarasota.


The whole campaign stemmed from the tagline “I am more than a number”, which came from a realization during our research that at some point in a woman’s life she becomes ashamed of herself or questions her value because of a number; her weight, her age, her income, her test score or the size of her jeans. We realized that women in every generation, of every size and every weight believed that they would be “more” if they were less. 


Part of our campaign for Girls Inc. included a 10-week summer camp program that encourages girls to love the way they look, identify what makes them unique and to focus on a healthy mind and body. Kay Mathers, Girls Inc. director of community relations, thought Lindsey’s song lent itself to beautiful imagery and whimsical spirit, which can be used to bring awareness to the “I AM More” summer camp offered by Girls Inc. Sarasota County.


After shortening Lindsey’s song to 30-seconds and writing a story to accompany it, we had to storyboard every moment… at 8 frames per second. Brad Bryan, of BRAD!BRYAN Multimedia Inc., helped us plan each movement that could be broken down into a measurable quantity by using a grid.


Our team grew a bit to take on such a detail-oriented endeavor and our crew included Director of Photography, Alex Stafford; Assistant Directors Brad Bryan, Meghan Cole and Danielle Garone; Digital Post Production Editor Gabe Hernandez, Motion Graphic Designer and Animator Nathaniel Rothenberger; Production Designers Jessica Kuykendall and Deborah Carr; and Production A-Team Giselle Tirse, Michael Forbes and Kristine Nickel, managing director here at Nickel Communications. We also want to thank our young starlets Molly Sullivan, Michelle Hernandez and, the center of the spot, Marissa Smith.


“Although we are a relatively smaller market,” said Lindsey about the campaign, “our objective was to create a national-worthy campaign. Our hope is that if it’s successful here, it will be picked up by Girls Inc. [chapters] across the country… This campaign is really about celebrating who you are.”


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