Reinvent Yourself in 2015 through Goodwill

When Nickel Communications creative director Lindsey Nickel-de la O taught the pre-college advertising course at Ringling College of Art and Design this summer, she never thought a class assignment would turn into Nickel’s next advertising campaign, but that’s exactly what happened.

Joey Goodwill

Lindsey gave her class an exciting assignment — develop a public service advertising campaign for the non-profit of your choice. The class chose Goodwill and developed a campaign to position Goodwill as a hip and exciting brand targeting millennials, something they thought would appeal to their peers. 

At the end of the class, Goodwill’s marketing team watched the students present their campaign. They were impressed, so they reached out to Nickel to adapt the idea for Goodwill Manasota’s 2015 public service campaign. 

Nickel used hashtag “#ReinventYourself” as the theme of the campaign and produced nine print advertisements and four television and radio spots. The ads feature Sarasota celebrities, Goodwill ambassadors and Goodwill shoppers. 

The print ads showcase the Goodwill story of each person featured — what they like to buy at Goodwill, their shopping strategy and why they think Goodwill is important to the community — along with a photograph of the Goodwill supporter with their favorite Goodwill finds. Nickel added graphic illustrations to the photographs to create an entire world representing the reinvention that Goodwill makes possible. 

Penny Goodwill

The television ads show four people shopping at a Goodwill store (our favorite Goodwill store on 17th and Honore Avenue!) and how they reinvent themselves through their Goodwill purchases. The ads follow the donation and purchase of a jacket, backpack, dishes and a chair and the voiceover gives the viewer impressive statistics about Goodwill’s impact in the community.

By focusing on reinvention, the campaign explains how each item you donate not only impacts the person who buys it, but helps change the lives of the people Goodwill serves. The campaign illustrates the amazing connection between donating, shopping and what Goodwill does best - giving people a hand up. 





As frequent Goodwill shoppers and donors, this campaign is special to the Nickel team because we believe so much in Goodwill’s mission. We hope this campaign inspires you to go through your home, find items to donate and then head to Goodwill to find treasures you can reinvent yourself!

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The 30-Day Match Challenge

Girls Inc. of Sarasota County proposed a challenge to Nickel Communications at the end of August: help the organization raise $150k to be matched in the month of September with a funny, eye-catching, social campaign. 

We thought long and hard about what trends on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and found that “Selfies” and “fashion” are two of the most tagged and shared pieces of communication. What if we turned these into our method of communicating how to donate?

So we did!

b2ap3 thumbnail Screen-Shot-2014-02-17-at-11.12.10-AMOur Creative Director, Lindsey Nickel-de La O, and previous intern, Meghan Cole, decided to undertake a “30-Day Match Challenge”. Every day for the entire month of September, the two matched their outfits and posted selfies on Facebook and Instagram. The social media posts tied together clothing, friendship, and matching in a strong, smart and bold way, along with a link to donate to Girls Inc. of Sarasota County. We created hashtags for the #30daymatchchallenge, like #IamMore and #GirlsIncSrq, we also used popular hashtags for more exposure like #ootd.


As part of our social campaign, we created a video announcing the match that was shared by Girls Inc., the Sarasota Community Foundation, the Giving Partner and Network for Good among others.

We designed a logo to go on donation jar and point-of-purchase promotions that went out in businesses across Sarasota County. 

At the end of the month, our 30-Day Match Challenge raised $158,000! This resulted in a total of $308,000 being donated to Girls Inc. of Sarasota County just in September.



b2ap3 thumbnail 30daylabel-01 20140217-194529 1


b2ap3 thumbnail Screen-Shot-2014-01-22-at-12.49.42-PM













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Girls Inc. — Behind the Scenes of ‘I Am More’

This past September, the Nickel Communications team took a dive into stop motion for the launch of the ‘I Am More’ campaign for Girls Inc. of Sarasota County. Instead of blowing stuff up for an action packed girl-power spot, the commercial blossomed from a song our very own Lindsey Nickel-de la O, creative director and partner at Nickel, wrote and recorded, titled “I Am More”. The song can be downloaded on iTunes, with all proceeds benefiting Girls Inc. of Sarasota.


The whole campaign stemmed from the tagline “I am more than a number”, which came from a realization during our research that at some point in a woman’s life she becomes ashamed of herself or questions her value because of a number; her weight, her age, her income, her test score or the size of her jeans. We realized that women in every generation, of every size and every weight believed that they would be “more” if they were less. 


Part of our campaign for Girls Inc. included a 10-week summer camp program that encourages girls to love the way they look, identify what makes them unique and to focus on a healthy mind and body. Kay Mathers, Girls Inc. director of community relations, thought Lindsey’s song lent itself to beautiful imagery and whimsical spirit, which can be used to bring awareness to the “I AM More” summer camp offered by Girls Inc. Sarasota County.


After shortening Lindsey’s song to 30-seconds and writing a story to accompany it, we had to storyboard every moment… at 8 frames per second. Brad Bryan, of BRAD!BRYAN Multimedia Inc., helped us plan each movement that could be broken down into a measurable quantity by using a grid.


Our team grew a bit to take on such a detail-oriented endeavor and our crew included Director of Photography, Alex Stafford; Assistant Directors Brad Bryan, Meghan Cole and Danielle Garone; Digital Post Production Editor Gabe Hernandez, Motion Graphic Designer and Animator Nathaniel Rothenberger; Production Designers Jessica Kuykendall and Deborah Carr; and Production A-Team Giselle Tirse, Michael Forbes and Kristine Nickel, managing director here at Nickel Communications. We also want to thank our young starlets Molly Sullivan, Michelle Hernandez and, the center of the spot, Marissa Smith.


“Although we are a relatively smaller market,” said Lindsey about the campaign, “our objective was to create a national-worthy campaign. Our hope is that if it’s successful here, it will be picked up by Girls Inc. [chapters] across the country… This campaign is really about celebrating who you are.”


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Everything That Sparkles!


This week our team including Kristine, Lindsey, Andy, and our videographer Nate set out to Osprey for the Trunk Show. Not only did the show feature the jewelry from, but was an introduction for designer Florence Lotz and her fashion line direct from Paris. Lindsey definitely enjoyed being surrounded by the exquisite jewelry and clothes, however I’m sure Andy and Nate could think of a few things they’d rather be doing that telling Lindsey what bracelet or bauble looked the best.

Not only were we tasked with admiring the accessories and clothing, but to create new video blogs featuring Marilee and Florence’s representation Cecil Georges as they talked about ways of pairing the jewelry and clothing together for every style and taste

Andy and Lindsey made the perfect “Vana White” assistants for Nate, becoming living light stands for all his photography needs. Who needs a traditional light kit when you can have human lamp stands that move with you!  Grunt work at its best.

Surprisingly Lindsey only left with 30+ gifts for her Christmas list, and one idea for her “BirVaryMas” gift. This is a special holiday created and celebrated by Lindsey and her husband where they combine their Birthdays, Anniversary, and Christmas with one big gift.

The Florence Lotz and Treborstyle blogs will be up in early June. Check them all at!


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Nickel Communications Announces New Clients

Nickel Communications is excited to announce that it recently signed three new clients: Home Resource, Season of Sculpture and Professional Benefits Inc. Each business is unique to its industry in Sarasota.

Home Resource,

Home Resource is Southwest Florida's leading contemporary furniture showroom.

Carrying premier North American and European/Italian furniture lines from companies such as 7th & SEVENTH DESIGNSAdriana HoyosAmerican LeatherArkturaArtifortBDIBonaldoBonTempiCarter Furniture,CIACCICoalesseCopeland FurnitureCORCreative AccentsCreative EleganceCurvetDedon,DellarobbiaDiletoDRAENERTDREIECKESTEL Fontana ArteFRIGHETTO Fritz HansenGamma InternationalGandia BlascoGreen and SiennaGyformHellerHerman Miller®INTERLUBKEJanus et Cie,Johnston CasualsKartellKenneth CobonpueKnollLaferLazarLief PetersonLigne PureMagis,Majestic Mirror & FrameMissoni HomeMOOOIMOROSONaos Action DesignOggettiPhillips Collection,Pietro CostantiniRadius Furniture DesignRichard SchultzRobert AbbeyRossettoSimonSPECTRAL,Thayer CogginTomasellaTrendVan TealVitra, and others.

Home Resource is know for it's remarkable furniture and design solutions for any room, watch for our 2013 TV campaign starting in March!

Season of Sculpture,

Sarasota Season of Sculpture is a non-profit group responsible for organizing and producing an International Invitational Exhibition of large-scale sculptures along Sarasota’s Bayfront. Their mission is to accessibly display and encourage quality public art in order to enrich the cultural and educational experience of residents and visitors. This year Season of Sculpture will be installing Complexus, hosting world renowned sculpture Chakaia Booker and Season 7 of sculptural wonder on the Sarasota waterfront.


Professional Benefits Inc.,

Professional Benefits, Inc. and Benefits and Planning Inc specialize in personalized insurance services for groups as well as individuals, in addition to being full service financial broker through Pershing LLC and offer annuities through all major insurance companies. Specializing in income planning for retirement as well as estate planning.

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