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This week our team including Kristine, Lindsey, Andy, and our videographer Nate set out to Osprey for the Trunk Show. Not only did the show feature the jewelry from, but was an introduction for designer Florence Lotz and her fashion line direct from Paris. Lindsey definitely enjoyed being surrounded by the exquisite jewelry and clothes, however I’m sure Andy and Nate could think of a few things they’d rather be doing that telling Lindsey what bracelet or bauble looked the best.

Not only were we tasked with admiring the accessories and clothing, but to create new video blogs featuring Marilee and Florence’s representation Cecil Georges as they talked about ways of pairing the jewelry and clothing together for every style and taste

Andy and Lindsey made the perfect “Vana White” assistants for Nate, becoming living light stands for all his photography needs. Who needs a traditional light kit when you can have human lamp stands that move with you!  Grunt work at its best.

Surprisingly Lindsey only left with 30+ gifts for her Christmas list, and one idea for her “BirVarhttps://ift. This is a special holiday created and celebrated by Lindsey and her husband where they combine their Birthdays, Anniversary, and Christmas with one big gift.

The Florence Lotz and Treborstyle blogs will be up in early June. Check them all at!


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