Building Outstanding Brands

“A Brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company.”

This year, Nickel Communications had the unique opportunity to craft fresh connections between an established organization and its consumers target audience through brand design and messaging. 

In a collaborative effort for the Adfed Suncoast Public Service project we joined forces with Steve Boris of Boostdfm and Brad!Bryan Multimedia for a huge pro-bono campaign for the Mental Health Community Centers of Sarasota.  The campaign was multi-faceted and included a new logo, tag, signage, collateral and auser-friendly, updated website was put into place with fresh design and copy. The team finished off the project with an integrated print and digital marketing campaign, and television PSA.

Our objective was to transform the perception of Mental Illness so it is viewed as a “real” disease by the general public by raising awareness of three key messages:

  • 1 out of every 4 individuals will experience a diagnosable mental illness this year 
  • Mental illness is more common than Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease combined and MHCC offers access to local services for support and recovery
  • Diagnosis and treatment will help those in need, bolstering our entire community

Our Campaign “Big Idea”: Step Into the Light 

The cultural view on Mental illness is synonymous with weakness, humiliation and shame. Often those suffering from mental illness keep those closest to them in the dark, isolating themselves from support and making the recovery process more difficult. The “Step into the Light” campaign is the story of those with untreated mental illness and the impact it had on their lives and the lives of those around them. 

Our campaign launched in October 2015 and can be seen below.

Mental Health Community Centers Website

mhcc vertical logo large






Screen Shot 2015 10 30 at 2.43.09 PM








Screen Shot 2015 10 30 at 2.44.47 PM

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Reinvent Yourself in 2015 through Goodwill

When Nickel Communications creative director Lindsey Nickel-de la O taught the pre-college advertising course at Ringling College of Art and Design this summer, she never thought a class assignment would turn into Nickel’s next advertising campaign, but that’s exactly what happened.

Joey Goodwill

Lindsey gave her class an exciting assignment — develop a public service advertising campaign for the non-profit of your choice. The class chose Goodwill and developed a campaign to position Goodwill as a hip and exciting brand targeting millennials, something they thought would appeal to their peers. 

At the end of the class, Goodwill’s marketing team watched the students present their campaign. They were impressed, so they reached out to Nickel to adapt the idea for Goodwill Manasota’s 2015 public service campaign. 

Nickel used hashtag “#ReinventYourself” as the theme of the campaign and produced nine print advertisements and four television and radio spots. The ads feature Sarasota celebrities, Goodwill ambassadors and Goodwill shoppers. 

The print ads showcase the Goodwill story of each person featured — what they like to buy at Goodwill, their shopping strategy and why they think Goodwill is important to the community — along with a photograph of the Goodwill supporter with their favorite Goodwill finds. Nickel added graphic illustrations to the photographs to create an entire world representing the reinvention that Goodwill makes possible. 

Penny Goodwill

The television ads show four people shopping at a Goodwill store (our favorite Goodwill store on 17th and Honore Avenue!) and how they reinvent themselves through their Goodwill purchases. The ads follow the donation and purchase of a jacket, backpack, dishes and a chair and the voiceover gives the viewer impressive statistics about Goodwill’s impact in the community.

By focusing on reinvention, the campaign explains how each item you donate not only impacts the person who buys it, but helps change the lives of the people Goodwill serves. The campaign illustrates the amazing connection between donating, shopping and what Goodwill does best - giving people a hand up. 





As frequent Goodwill shoppers and donors, this campaign is special to the Nickel team because we believe so much in Goodwill’s mission. We hope this campaign inspires you to go through your home, find items to donate and then head to Goodwill to find treasures you can reinvent yourself!

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The Founders Golf Club, The Place to Play

This summer, the Nickel Communications team spent a lot of time at the club. No, we weren’t sipping mint juleps and lounging on the verandah (although that does sound like the perfect summer!), we were shooting a brand anthem video for The Founders Club (TFC), one of Sarasota’s most gracious and esteemed country clubs.

Over several weeks, the Nickel team shot footage of everything that makes The Founders Club the most exquisite country club in Sarasota, from the golf course to dinner at the club house, the tennis court to the yoga studio.

Often times, promotional videos for country clubs usually take a traditional route, using paid actors and models to play the club’s members. Nickel wanted to showcase a more authentic vision and feature only real members of The Founders Club, giving viewers a honest sense of what a day in the life is for TFC members.

The final product, a two-minute video, showcases the beauty and camaraderie of The Founders Club and encourages potential members to come out and see what makes The Founders Club so special. Take a moment and immerse yourself in The Founder’s Club experience below. 

If your organization is in need of an outstanding online video that tells your story, reach out to [email protected] to find out how video can work for you!

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Mid-Century is Revived at the Sarasota MOD Festival

In October, the Sarasota Architectural Foundation hosted the Sarasota MOD Festival, showcasing Sarasota’s inventory of mid-century modern architecture with lectures, house tours, trolley tours and a boat tour. 

As home to the Sarasota School of Architecture and several buildings of note by acclaimed architects including Paul Rudolph, Victor Lundy and William Zimmerman, Sarasota is the perfect spot for a celebration of great architecture and design.  

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.46.10 PM

Nickel Communications teamed up with consultant Susan Harkavy to bring in several journalists from across the country, all writing for major publications, including Architectural Record, Modern Magazine, Coastal Living, AIArchitect, Architect’s Newspaper and Tropic Magazine. 

Nickel and SAF also developed another collaboration by working with Visit Sarasota to fund travel expenses for the journalists to attend MOD. 

During the four-day festival, Nickel was the official on-site public relations firm, working with the journalists to make sure they connected with the best sources and got all the facts they needed to write compelling stories. 

The journalists wrote wonderful pieces about MOD and Sarasota’s architecture and in total, the articles garnered an audience reach of about 30 million, which will help drive attendance to next year’s festival and ensure that it becomes even more successful event. 

If you are in need of fresh creative or a big splash in the media for your upcoming event, contact [email protected]. See all our work at

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Play, Learn and Grow at The Children’s Rainforest Garden at Selby Gardens

How are we spending our summer?  In Sarasota’s Best backyard ever! Nickel Communications recently teamed up with one of our favorite videographers, Brad Bryan from Brad Bryan Multimedia to produce a TV and web videos for Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. The 30 second TV spot and a two minute web video promoted summer family fun at Selby’s newly built Children’s Rainforest Garden. 

Our inspiration came from our initial experience in the rainforest garden. We put our kid caps on and spent the afternoon as explorers, discovering the secrets of biodiversity and joy under the Banyan canopy. Selby loved our youth-focused story line and encouraged us to bring this experience to life by marrying visuals of local families at play with animated elements that allowed to see the gardens through the lens of a child. 


Of course, it’s not a NC project without a guest appearance by our youngest team member, Evangeline Nickel-de la O. Who, at this rate, will have a commercial reel longer than most child stars by the time she is five years old. 

Storytelling is our passion, so if you, your client or your business is interested in telling your story with a brand video or TV commercial, let us take you for coffee and find out more. Contact Kristine at 941-928-5572 or email her at [email protected]

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