Our Little Deers

Though a little late, a little meaning four weeks, we wanted to introduce our amazing interns this summer! All four of them are rising seniors or juniors from Ringling College of Art and Design.


Andrew Angstadt is a rising Business of Art and Design senior and our Account Strategy intern.
Everyone loves Andy. Ask anybody - whether it’s my vintage Mercedes or vegetarian lifestyle, I am a cougar hunting, dread-locked ninja who will slice you down with my strategy and shy smile. - written on behalf of Andy Agnstadt”
Jillian Bromby is a rising Graphic Design senior and one of our Graphic Design interns.
I am a chai tea drinking, adventure seeking, thrift store shopping graphic designer and photographer. - Jillian Bromby”
Meghan Cole is a rising Advertising Design junior and one of our Graphic Design interns.
“Fighting evil by moonlight, designing cute things by daylight. Always staying up until midnight, she is the one! - Meghan Cole”
Jessica Kuykendall is a rising Advertising Design junior and our Copywriting intern.
“A zombie enthusiast, gamer, horror-flick goer, and Avenged Sevenfold listener, that loves wandering Englewood Beach by starlight. - Jessica Kuykendall”
They are the deers of the office, which is easily explained as: they fell in love with the Creativideer, the office majical being that instills creativity in all. Follow our twitters @NickelTalks and @Creativideer to stay up to date with all the office and intern happenings.
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