Nickel Celebrates First Anniversary

Constant Contact ImageCombining Kristine’s 25+ years of marketing and public relations experience with Lindsey’s much shorter but intense 10 years of marketing and advertising experience seemed like a natural thing to do one year ago. While some people thought we were crazy, we knew we had the capacity to be much better together then by ourselves and with some exceptions that has been our experience of year one.

Clients have entered at a steady pace and each one has brought a passion for their business and a clear cut set of goals. We have been swept up in their passion and have been proud to represent them.

We’ve managed to create campaigns that have exceeded the objectives set by our clients and some of that work brought us a record of five gold Addy awards and two Amy awards this spring, which was very gratifying. Among other awards, we also claimed a third place and the “community choice award” this summer for the mobile app StreetWize at Startup Weekend TampaBay.

One year later we are now in our third office having outgrown the preceding two. It continues to keep the postman confused.

We’ve been blessed to share our creative space with some talented students from Ringling College of Art and Design and they’ve brought a tremendous amount of energy, technology and cold pizza to the office.

Giving back to the community has been very gratifying as well. We decided early on to have one pro-bono client each year and the “Invest In The Power of Girls” campaign, for Girls Inc. Sarasota, was a joy to work in every way. Lindsey invests her extra time in her professional association group, the American Advertising Federation, and Kristine is serving as President of the Ringling College Library Association.

As first years go, this was very different to the very first year Lindsey and Kristine spent together back in 1982 or the first year in Florida in 1989, but it has been equally as exciting and rewarding. Thank you for sharing in the journey and we hope to grow with you in years to come.

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Nickel Communications Named Finalist in Glidea Pitch

After a long night of perfecting their presentation Lindsey, Meghan, and Sheena Koshy, pitched their app Storedrobe in the Glidea Pitch Competition on Tuesday July 16th. Chosen as one of seven finalists, Storedrobe was only one of the many ideas presented to a respected panel of judges including Kelvin Thomas, Glide Interactive Owner and Chairman; John K. Carlson, Glide Interactive CEO; Dr. Larry Thompson, President of Ringling College of Art and Design; David Houle, Resident Futurist at Ringling College of Art and Design; David Adkins, Director of Systems and Digital Technology at Herald-Tribune Media Group; and Marcie McGeehan, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Ritz-Carlton of Sarasota. Storedrobe’s Glidea competition included a physical product, a lifestyle brand, and finance, productivity, and social networking mobile apps.


The prize for this idea-pitching competition is what all tech startups need most, the coding and development of product,  provided by Glide Interactive. Lindsey and Sheena were excited to be joined by two of their friends also included as finalist in the event. Fellow 2013 Busprenuer, Michael LaPlante, and Startup Weekend Tampa Bay StreetWize team member Matthew Foreman.

Storedrobe is the brainchild of Lindsey Nickel, Travis Miller, Austin Allbritton and Sheena Koshy created while working on StartupBus Southeast. Storedrobe hopes to answer the age old question - I am looking at a closet full of clothes, why do I have nothing to wear? Storedrobe allows users to track their wardrobe, match it to future purchases, and get advice from style mavens. The app takes the guesswork out of looking great.

To find out more information about Glidea Pitch 2013 or Glide Interactive visit

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Lindsey Coaches Miss Florida Contestants on Media Awareness and Strategy

On Friday, Lindsey took an early morning trip over the Sky Way Bridge to participate on the Miss Florida Pageant Competition media panel. Joined by respected media professionals Mike Foley of the Times Media Group, Trevor Pettiford of Bay News 9 and Peter Schorsch, editor of, Lindsey was excited to be able to impart valuable media strategy and tactics onto the 47 contestants.

The Miss Florida USA contestants were eager learn more about social networking, media strategy and how to improve what they are already doing. With questions focusing on how the media landscape has shifted in recent years, the standards of media and how they have changed, the do’s and don’t’s of interviews and how to capture the media’s attention for promotion purposes.

Meghan volunteered for the early morning drive and was tasked with keeping on top of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter updates. Using two phones and a laptop, Meghan certainly attained a large volume of content included in our blog and on our social media platforms listed bellow. For more behind the scenes action follow our Twitter handles @nickeltalks @awesomeprenuer and @creativideer and our Instagram @nickeltalks.

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Pranksters of Epic Proportions

While Lindsey is away, the deers will play. And play they did! Jillian, Jessica and Meghan decided to play a prank of epic proportions on their fellow team members while they were crossing the state for a pitch in West Palm Beach.

For a little context, the Friday before Startup Weekend, Andy’s vintage Mercedes broke down in the office parking lot. This led to the car being left at the Nickel Communications office throughout the weekend and into the beginning of the week. Finally on Tuesday, Andy’s “car guy” came and replaced the battery and helped him to get home. However, having solved that problem, another one sprang to life. His electric windows no longer worked and without any air conditioning Andy called his car “A hot, metal death trap.” Come Wednesday evening, Lindsey and Andy packed up and headed to the east coast to pitch StreetWize, our smartphone app created at Startup Weekend Tampa Bay, to the city of Riviera Beach.

Feeling a little lonely on Thursday, the three girls decided to spice up the afternoon by pulling a simple prank, that quickly spiraled into a whopper freakout of momentous proportions. The original plan was to pull a fast one on Lindsey, however, they decided that it would be a lot easier to prank Andy, considering how hot the topic of his car was.

They started by Facebook messaging and texting Andy asking him if his car was fixed and if he took it to the other coast with him, and also asking if his “car guy” stopped by to pick up his car to fix the window problem. At first Andy was only a little upset questioning as to whether or not his car was still in the parking lot. The panic soon grew when Andy managed to talk to a completely calm Meghan, who led him to believe that his car really was gone, either stolen or towed.

To quell his fears and to end the prank, the girls took a wonderful photo with his car, holding a sign that said “JK” as in just kidding. To say that Lindsey and Andy were beyond fuming would be an understatement with Lindsey having fired us all via text and threatened to take away our “antlers.”

Needless to say, we are all still employed; I mean Lindsey’s not writing this blog and who fires interns! Now we are waiting for our payback, but as we see it, nothing like a good laugh to brighten the afternoon!

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The Creative Cultivation Project


Nickel Communications is excited to announce we are collaborating with the Economic Development Investment Fund (EDIF) to foster the Creative Cultivation Project, a program designed to benefit local business start ups and students studying the creative arts. Through the Creative Cultivation Project a group of students will generate fully-developed marketing and communications plan, promotion materials, production and online communications for a startup business currently in EDIF’s JobGarden Business Incubator free of charge to the business.

Many businesses offer internship programs that provide candidates with real client experience, however this program stands alone in offering interns ownership of a full campaign for a client to produce the work to launch its business. EDIF was the ideal partner with its JobGarden Business Incubator working with more than 10 businesses as they launch new products and services across the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Students will design and put into effect all elements of the project under the guidance of seasoned communications professionals at Nickel Communications. The program will lead the client through professional level brand and strategy planning, and develop design for traditional and non-traditional communications.

“The majority of non-profit organizations and start-up businesses lack the resources to work with a communication agency,” said EDIF President Brian Caswell.

“College students studying the creative arts and business are also hungry to work with seasoned professionals and clients, which is why Nickel Communications and EDIF partnered to set up the Creative Cultivation Project,” said Lindsey. “Both groups will benefit from this unique program.”

The interns active in the Creative Cultivation Project are Andrew Angstadt, Jillian Bromby, Meghan Cole, and Jessica Kuykendall, all current students at Ringling College of Art and Design. To find out more about the Creative Cultivation Project, please visit


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