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“A Brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company.”

This year, Nickel Communications had the unique opportunity to craft fresh connections between an established organization and its consumers target audience through brand design and messaging. 


In a collaborative effort for the Adfed Suncoast Public Service project we joined forces with Steve Boris of Boostdfm and Brad!Bryan Multimedia for a huge pro-bono campaign for the Mental Health Community Centers of Sarasota.  The campaign was multi-faceted and included a new logo, tag, signage, collateral and auser-friendly, updated website was put into place with fresh design and copy. The team finished off the project with an integrated print and digital marketing campaign, and television PSA.

Our objective was to transform the perception of Mental Illness so it is viewed as a “real” disease by the general public by raising awareness of three key messages:

  • 1 out of every 4 individuals will experience a diagnosable mental illness this year 
  • Mental illness is more common than Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease combined and MHCC offers access to local services for support and recovery
  • Diagnosis and treatment will help those in need, bolstering our entire community

Our Campaign “Big Idea”: Step Into the Light 

The cultural view on Mental illness is synonymous with weakness, humiliation and shame. Often those suffering from mental illness keep those closest to them in the dark, isolating themselves from support and making the recovery process more difficult. The “Step into the Light” campaign is the story of those with untreated mental illness and the impact it had on their lives and the lives of those around them. 

Our campaign launched in October 2015 and can be seen below.

Mental Health Community Centers Website

mhcc vertical logo large






Screen Shot 2015 10 30 at 2.43.09 PM








Screen Shot 2015 10 30 at 2.44.47 PM

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